Jan 30, 2015

Get your Acne under control with SkinTrends, the Acne Authority

Acne is one thing that most, if not all of us, hate but will encounter at least once in our lifetime. I know it’s frustrating and embarrassing especially to girls to find it on your face on a special event, say prom or a valentines date with your crush. So what we do is we try many things to conceal or get rid of it by pricking it on our own. But then, we fail. And all we get is deep ugly scars that last a long time.

If that’s your case, fret not, we’re on the same boat. I too have tried a lot of remedies in the past that fail and just made my skin worse. It was depressing! Good thing there are treatments available nowadays that can get your acnes under control. And SkinTrends, the acne authority, shared to us facts about acne and how to treat acne the right way. You’d be surprised, because much of what we know about acnes are just plain myths.

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Here are some myths and commonly asked questions I learned from Skintrends about Acne.

What  is acne?

Myth: Acne refers only to severe pimples.

Truth: Acne is the umbrella term of papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. A pimple, even a small one is acne in its most advanced stage.

Who gets acne?

Myth: Only teens get acnes.

Truth: It may be common to teenagers and young adult but people of all races and ages get acne. Some still at their 40s or fifties still get acnes. 

What causes acne?

Myth: Acne is caused by dirt.

Truth: While dirt can aggravate acne prone skin, it is never the direct cause of acne. Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands, which in turn can be caused by genetics, poor sleeping habits, or hormonal changes.

What can worsen acne?

Truth: Changing hormone levels, pollution, lack of sleep, picking pimples, eating too much sweets and harsh scrub

When is the right time to treat acne?

Myth: Allow pimples to “ripen” before bursting them

Truth: Acne should be treated in the whitehead and blackhead stage, if any pimples appear, they need to be addressed within two days to prevent long term acne scars.

How is acne treated?

Myth: Ripe pimples can be burst at home.

Truth: This myth arises from the fact that without professional skill or the proper equipment, the only time it is possible to burst a pimple at home is when it is swollen and infected. Ideally acne should be treated before it reaches the pimple stage, but if it does get to the pimple stage, removing it still requires a professional working in a sterile environment in order to minimize long term damage.

How much will a treatment cost me?

Acne treatments at SkinTrends are quite affordable, especially compared to the bigger clinics. Read on to check SkinTrends services and prices.

Is there painless treatments?

Yes there is. And only SkinTrends can claim that its acne treatment is the most tolerable in the terms of pain, prevents trauma to the skin and dark spots.

What you need to know about SkinTrends as the Acne Authority

Skintrends has been in existence for almost 20 years and recently has rebranded as the Acne Authority. Skintrends offers many skincare services, but it is the pimple treatment in particular that patients raved about.

The thrust of the company is to help people become aware that early intervention is the key to preventing acne scars.

Another thing that makes SkinTrends the acne authority aside from the excellent facilities and top of the line equipment and the caring and courteous service of attendants, is the excellent results of the treatments at a very affordable price that will keep them coming back.

photo 2Dr Herbia Joy Gonzales-Mongcal, founder, president and medical director of SkinTrends

Dr Mongcal shared to us that it is part of the training that before her personally trained attendants are allowed to treat clients, each one is required to "sample" all procedures on Dr. Mongcal herself. Only when she is satisfied with the trainee's performance will the trainee be allowed to do procedures on clients.

She has been a practicing dermatologist since 1994, and in 2006 she founded SkinTrends, a skin care and anti-aging center now operating nine branches around and outside Metro Manila, of which she is currently the Medical Director.

Dr.Mongcal despite her broad knowledge in her field still continues to update her dermatologic and cosmetic surgery training with the latest techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine by regularly attending conventions local and international. She underwent a one-on-one training in Autologous Fat Stem Cell Therapy under Dr. Ali Modaressi, currently the Chief of Clinic of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Department University Hospitals Geneva, Switzerland. And her latest training was at the International Master Course on Aging Skin in Hong Kong.

During our meeting with her was that you can be at ease with her as she spoke to us like we known each other for long. She also recommended us to try painless acne treatment ourselves to know how good it is. SkinTrends also guaranteed that if patients are not acne free after the recommended number of sessions, a number of succeeding sessions are free, Dr. Mongcal boasts that nobody has ever had to avail of that benefit.

Now eyes here readers, because SkinTrends in partnership with yours truly is giving us a one-time 100 peso discount on a single transaction. All you need to do is print the coupon you see below and present it to any SkinTrends branches you prefer. (This promo runs from February to June 2015.)

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You may also check the image below for their services.

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To get updates and promos about the latest on SkinTrends you may head on to their website and social media accounts below.

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