Jan 29, 2015

Solution To My Skin Dilemma at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovation

I’ve been a fan of road trip and fun under the sun travels. I liked it more when I’m faced with extreme activities like when I swam more than a mile in Olongapo.

10293682_762401697129546_5164835287034273872_oOur kind of tan after a one mile swim. Kindly excuse our faces. (L-R, Ate Shee, Van and I)

You see, I didn’t care much about getting really tan. It’s also not a big deal if I missed to put on sunscreen or moisturizer. As long as I’m enjoying it and there’s nothing so serious then I’m fine. Until one day, my very own skin yelled straight to my face.

“You look dry!”

I, facing a mirror, slightly panicked. Confidence level went from 10 to 2. I know there are solutions but the only solution I see is either cover up with make up or look for home remedies. I tried facial and many DIYs I can find online. Still, I end up with a very dry and coarse skin that made me more prone to having white heads, pimples, acne, color discoloration, fine lines, redness, name it.

Heaven knows I still want to bring back my youthful glow I just don’t know where and how.

Then, during one of my travels, I met a friend who recommended this skin clinic called Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovation. She said she’s been very picky when it comes to skincare but with this one, she really recommends.

I agreed to see it myself despite my paranoia caused by too much movies  like what if the service went wrong and deformed my face forever. Or what if the doctor find me and my skin annoying and judge me to the core. I am paranoid like that.

Fast forward, I found myself  inside the elegant looking clinic. I’m really particular with interior because it’s something that controls one’s mood. I  also believed that it reflects the total package presented by the one residing it. And Luminisce did not fail to impress me.

After they let me signed a form, I was led inside a room where I get to speak with the doctor about my concerns. Dra Kristina “Kaycee” Cuevas Reyes, Skin and Laser Specialist, despite her achievements in life  was very approachable, like you can tell her anything without the fear of being judged. It was the first clinic I went to where clients have this one-on-one session with the doctor before and after the procedure. I also liked that she’s very hands on with her patients.

Dra Kaycee explained to me that too much exposure to sun without the use of sun protection, sunblock, sunscreen can seriously damage the skin. And that, our body needs enough water and moisture to  replenish what was lost. Then she followed on the treatment I needed to take. There were 4 services she mentioned; Luxury facial, Coquille peel, Acne surgery and UltraRevitale Hydration facial.

Trying to absorb these terms, and still stunned by Dra Kaycee’s glow, Maricor (my first attendant) accompanied me to the treatment room.

The room was very cozy no wonder why many people fall asleep during the procedure. While I, who normally don’t sleep during treatments, threw questions to Maricor about the procedure, what it does to skin, how long will it take, and more. And I was quite impressed that she knew very well what she was saying. At least I felt confident I was in good hands.

Luxury facial is a pain free procedure that deep cleans pores and removes bacteria-causing acne, trapped dirt and excess oil while minimizing pores.

Maricor begun with a soothing facial cleanse and a very relaxing massage. Then, skin nourishing vitamins are absorbed into the skin via sonophoresis, a process wherein ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads along the way. Next, a special machine was used to lift and revitalize the skin. And lastly, an oxygenating machine that releases cool and pressurize oxygen to hydrate and open pores.

Coquille Peel

Next treatment was Coquille Peel. The remedy for my dull, dry and uneven skin tone.

Dianne, my 2nd attendant, applied a natural fruit acid unto my skin, which is said to effectively normalize the skin’s natural exfoliating properties by shedding the rough skin and restoring the skin’s moisture levels. The fruit acid stung at first but eventually fades.

I also had Acne Surgery since I have visible pimples on my forehead during my visit.

Then came my last treatment, the UltraRevitale Hydration Facial. It’s another solution to dry skin and fine lines through ultrasound technology. They also use a machine here to effectively penetrate  into the skin.

And very lastly, pricking. Dra Kaycee asked my permission if a little pricking is fine, I said yes as I was confident I have high pain tolerance. For the final touch, an anti bacteria lotion was applied because pores are still open. So, I needed to wait 6 hours before I wash my face.

The entire treatment took us approximately 2 hours. Yes, quite long for people with short attention span like me. But thanks to the facility and staff for keeping me cool, comfortable and pampered, I enjoyed my whole visit.

After the session, and upon checking my very own face at the clinic’s mirror, Dra Kaycee handed me a recommendation of moisturizer I can use on a regular basis. This is another thing I love about Luminisce; they seal the deal and stands to their mission that is, every individual patient is given first class medical care and attention treated with respect and confidentiality within a safe and comfortable environment.

And to top it off I would say, one can never go wrong with Luminisce when it comes to beauty and overall wellness. I would recommend it to friends and family, anyone who needed it, and for me, I definitely would love to visit again.


Here’s my before (L) and after (R) photo. Difference was not that obvious in the photo but to my honest observation, skin now feels soft less irritated and hydrated. Those pimples on my forehead dried up and flattened. Some discolored pimple marks and fine lines were also gone. Perhaps with continuous treatment, kasing kinis ko na si Doc! Smile with tongue out

Me and Dr Kaycee

Not convinced yet? Maybe a visit at Luminisce Clinic would do. You may also check them on Facebook or Instagram (@luminisce_official) for updates.

Location: 32nd Street, 4th avenue Bonifacio Global City Taguig (above Mercury Drug Building, across St Lukes)

Clinic hours: Open Monday- Saturday 10AM to 7PM.

For inquiry, contact Dianne: 0915-9794661/ (632)5115800

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