Mar 26, 2015

Front Row for Cinderella

Last Sunday was my (our) first time to watch cinema here in Malaysia. Well, in the Philippines, I don't normally go out just to watch movie alone but, for the sake of first time, I gave it a go. 

MJ and I decided to see Disney's Cinderella at Paradigm Mall. Although, we knew the fairytale story (I mean, who doesn't?), we agreed to watch it. Thanks to prince Kit and his blue eyes, we never had a dull moment. :p

So, about my experience watching in a Malaysian cinema for the first time?  Here ye!

At the cashier to buy tickets, the staff told us that front row and few sides were the only available seats. We had no choice, we want the movie, we want to sit together and we can't watch later than 2pm. So yes, we ended up sitting in the front row.

Then, excited first timers, got the tickets and went up to the cinema. 

And, this scene left us in a slight panic mode.

We thought we were in a prank film but, nope. It seems normal here to go inside the cinema on the dot or a minute before. 

The movie started quite late. Good thing, the cinema was pretty impressive. Clean, nice seats, no chewing gums under your seat (Lol), AC is just right and their sound system is controlled.

Anyway, moving on to Cinderella. It's a nice, wholesome and inspiring movie. Prince charming was really very charming. Lily James who played Cinderella pulled it off. She's very beautiful and innocent looking with a touch of bravery. I like scenes where Cinderella almost lost her cool to her step mother played by Cate Blanchett (who also nailed the role). It only shows that we are all humans. We feel mad and sad but I love what her mother told Cinderella before she dies. Have courage and be kind. A reminder applicable to everyone but hit me so hard especially now that I am adjusting to so many things here. 

The Ending? Happy indeed.  Prince Kit and Cinderella got married. 

My favorite scenes? It's when the fairy god mother transformed Cinderella and her friends. I love her blue dress! And glass shoes!!!

Well, well, going back to reality. I'm no Cinderella.I don't have a fairy god mother. No prince (yet). But looking deeper, we can get some lessons from the story aside from being kind and courageous. For me, the more important lesson is the power of one's belief. That if you believe into something, it's not too impossible to happen. As Morgan Freeman said in his The Lego movie, All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything. 

MJ and I inside GSC Paradigm Mall

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