Mar 24, 2015

New Domain, New Adventures

Even before I move to Malaysia, it is one of my goals (an item in my bucketlist) to buy my own dotcom blog. Well, it’s been years since I started blogging. Maybe, it’s about time to level it up a little, though I feel guilty of not updating for quite a while.

So, to make it straight, now my blog is I purchased it via for 45 ringgit (540Php or 12 USD). May this push me to write more quality posts. And, to share my worthwhile experiences as I move abroad.


Mi blog. Header by

For those planning to get your own website, you can visit and see if your preferred name for website is up or already taken. If you’re lucky enough, you can then proceed to payment and setting up of your site.

To set up your site, you may find this link helpful:

In my case, I purchased domain that is clumsyclarissdotcom. But, my platform is still under Blogger. Meaning, it’s still my old blogger blog only without a blogspot on the url. Meaning, same layout, posts, widgets and stats.

Right now, I’m experiencing lost comments and FB likes for all my posts. I hope to retrieve it soon. What I did was migrate it (via disqus comments) and change all my urls linked to each social media accounts. Still waiting. I hope it works!

If you have tips to share, let me know.

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