May 9, 2015

Holiday in Singapore (Day 1)

Because we want to make our long week end a productive one, my friend MJ and I booked a flight to Singapore for a 2 days 2 nights do it yourself trip.

Our budget all in; no more than 1000 ringgit (12 thousand pesos). 

Preparation was too quick.We brought not backpacks but shoulder bags since we didn't have much time to buy a cheap decent bag. We booked round trip flights KL-SG-KL few days before our flight. Tickets via Airasia cost 160+ringgit each. Not so cheap nor expensive. 

Next thing, accommodation. We were actually hoping a night at the Marina bay Sands to dip in their infinity pool. But, it was yet still expensive and our budget was tight. So instead, we availed the 29sgd/night/bed at Mitraa Inn backpacker's hostel located in Little India. The good thing about the location is it's a walking distance to the train station which makes it accessible to most tourist spots we visited.

Now back to the actual. 

As we arrived at the airport (9PM), Kuya Pat a family friend picked us up and help us find our way to the hostel. It was our first time to experience their train system which for me is confusing at first but pretty impressive compared to other train systems I tried. 

Approximately 2 hours or less, we reached the hostel. During our check in, our biggest mistake was we missed to change our Malaysian ringgits to SG dollar, so yes, Kuya Pat took charge for the mean time. Lesson learned: Never go out of the terminal without the right currency/money in hand.

I found Mitraa Inn via TripAdvisor. I saw good comments about it and proved them right. The room was clean. Beddings were comfortable. No problem with AC and heater. The room and lockers are secured. The only thing was, the room they gave us was for 6 people, our reservation was for four. Anyway, I was very tired I didn't have the time to argue. So one night, we slept in a room with 3 Koreans/ 1 Indian male backpackers. (Don't worry mom, I'm fine!) The next day, we were only 4.

Day 1 (Universal Studios- Marina Bay Sands/Gardens by the Bay)
Visiting Singapore on a holiday season is a bad baaad idea. Why? Because, one, you don't get to fully enjoy all the rides at Universal Studios as standing in the looong lines took much of our time and energy. Two, you won't get that picture perfect Instagram photos you are aiming and dying to post.

Well some photos we had were still pretty despite the notorious crowd. 


Universal Studios in Singapore (USS) has 7 areas to stroll: Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Madagascar and Far Far Away. 

The best rides according to most of the people I've asked are Transformers and Ancient Egypt. Be sure not to miss these two when visiting. Oh and include Lights Camera Action too. Also, if you enjoy 4D, go inside the castle to watch Shrek 4D.

Another things I loved at USS include the feel good  aura of the entire place, the singing men in Hollywood, kids along with their parents enjoying and a lot more. 

At 5pm, we decided to see the Beach Area. We rode Sentosa Express, alight at the Beach Area and rode a FREE tram to Palawan Beach.

 Pink Tram for kikays :)

Palawan beach and the other beaches were just artificial beaches connected to the sea with ships parked. But the sand was okay. Not really white and fine compared to the Palawan beach in my Philippines. We saw people enjoying the water, kids playing in the sand, a group of people having activities and tourists taking photos.  


Our day 1 was energy draining! But we still managed to see the Marina Bay Sands (the building with the boat on top) and the Gardens by the Bay Super Trees. So, we went there to see the lights show. It was nice but not the best I've seen. So many white people were there to witness the show and take photos.
Gardens by the bay, tree, singapore, travel

Afterwards, we decided to grab dinner and rest our exhausted selves.

Important Notes for first time SG visitors:
1. If you're just around Little India, Money changer is at Mustafa Centre. You can also buy cheap  stuff there like perfume. 
2. Grab a map. It became my bestfriend during the trip.  
3. Be attentive when riding the train. Station names can be misleading so do a research which station is the nearest to your destination. Final destinations may changed, so listen to the announcement. :)
4. Bring bottled water with you all the time especially during summer.
5. If you missed to book Universal Studios in advance, ask from your hotel/hostel. They usually give discounted rates. We got ours for 69 sgd from the regular 74. 

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