Jun 13, 2015

A Surprise Visitor

The day before my birthday, I received a surprise visitor. My sister, all the way from the beloved country.

MJ, my room mate was her accomplice. It was Wednesday morning, I was about to bath but MJ told me to first go to the guards house, I'm picking up someone. I didn't bother to ask as I was still in the midst of dreamland and reality. I just obeyed. At the guard's I saw her waiting with her suitcase. To my joy, I almost hit her but then we hugged and  headed inside.

I really thought this year will be my most serious boring birthday ever but then it turned out differently.

Sister brought me a luggage with a LOT of gifts from friends and family. Clothes, accessories and loooove letters! I am overwhelmed!

She stayed with me for 4 days. And we did visit a few places here in Malaysia.

 We went to KL City Gallery where the largest masterpiece of the Kuala Lumpur City Model can be seen. It also serves as a Tourist Information Centre.