Aug 23, 2015

My Ukulele Story

They say ukulele is known to be the happy instrument. Well that probably means one gets happy when he or she played or heard a sound coming from this 4 string instrument. I don't know for some but for me, it works like magic.

I developed interest in ukelele the day I realized I didn't know what to do with my life. I looked around me, evaluated my life and I felt like it doesn't make sense. I need to find something I enjoy while I'm in search of what I really wanted to do. Then, I saw my sister's guitar and played.

It wasn't for me. I knew how to play since I was 12 but it isn't the instrument I enjoy. It just didn't fit. Same goes with life, one should not settle for something that he/she doesn't find fulfilling. You don't force things in your life. You need to find your own instrument. And you don't give up!

In time, everything will fall into its place. It WILL all fit in. And, you will realized that your life is incomparable. You will one day, trust me. But you better work it. Okaaaay, enough of the drama and pa-deep.

I bought my first ukulele in the Philippines a year ago for 600 pesos. The first time I played it, I didn't like the sound. I actually bought it just to know if the saying is true about ukelele being the happy instrument. Well, I failed on my first try. After a month, i tried again. I googled simple chords. My first was Jason Mraz' I'm yours. And guess what, this may sound exaggerated but really, my heart was jumping that moment I can actually play one entire song!

I then searched for more songs. Found people online that are reeeeally good at it. I continued playing. I played to my brother, to friends even to my dogs who love walking out when I was in the middle of the song. I really felt like a master when in fact I only knew 4 chords. Haha! 

Well I believe it's not about how much you know and how pro you are. It's about enjoying what you do and feeling awesome going further. That day I said to myself, I will one day buy a better sounding ukulele. 

Fast forward to now. Check this thing below. 

             Anuenue concert ukulele

This baby, I bought in Malaysia as a gift to myself. I got it for 300+ ringgit 3 thousand plus in php. It's a japanese brand, Anuenue. And I'm loving the good sound of it. It comes with a cool gig bag, nice strings and geared tuners. And I find it just the right size for petite girls like me.

I'm no ukulele pro. Not yet. But it's getting in to my bones now. 

By the way, I am pleased to mention awesome people who encouraged, influenced, gave me suggestions in buying uke and helping out to get this in my hand. Pusakalye, Juan Hapito, Martin, Ate, Dan and mom, muchas gracias! 

If you wanna hear up one quick sample I did, you may check out this link: 

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