Apr 20, 2016

Colmar Tropicale: Quick Stroll to Bukit Tinggi

I was in the pantry refilling my water bottle when a colleague asked where I'll be spending my long weekend. I said "Nah no plans yet. Maybe some place I've never been to." Then she started mentioning some places, most of them I've seen on my first few months in Malaysia. 

She mentioned "...Genting Highlands, Cameron, Penang and Bukit Tinggi. " I asked, "What's the last one?". I haven't heard of Bukit Tinggi before. She told me it's a good place for a day trip. I got curious so I did my research. Rowelito, my dear friend, helped me find some information on how to go there, what to do and so on.

I found out that it's easy as pie to reach Bukit Tinggi, if you have a car. But if not, you can ride a van from Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. Roundtrip fare including 1 entrance to Japanese Village and Botanical garden is 60RM for adult and 55RM for child. For one way, 38RM (BTS to Colmar Tropicale) and 28RM (Colmar Tropicale to BTS).

For van schedule, see below. 

We went for the 9:30AM and checked for tickets. (Note that their office is at the 8th floor inside Berjaya Times Square). Unfortunately, we missed the 9:30AM since we had a little misadventure riding KTM (a commuter rail service in Malaysia) plus it's a holiday so a lot of people booked in advance for that schedule.  Some of my colleagues said maybe we should just go to that Birds park in KL. I didn't want to, so I asked if there's another way we could go. The lady in the office said that either we wait for that 5pm since 12nn is full or we hire a private taxi. Taxi cost quite reasonably higher than that of the van (per head for 6 persons) so we grabbed it. 

When we met the contact person given to us, the price suddenly changed to something really out of our budget. We kept haggling but they can't give the price we want. One of our colleagues asked the other taxi drivers waiting outside and we got a cheaper price. So yes, we made it to Bukit Tinggi! 

Normally it would take just an hour and a half but then again holiday. Most people are on the road going places including us. So, it took us twice the regular travel time. A real butt numbing experience but always fun with friends. 

By the way, just so you know I did a little research, Colmar Tropicale is a french themed high land resort inspired by the Malaysia's 4th prime minister, who was so impressed upon his visit to Alsace in France, and eventually inspired the founder of Berjaya Corporation to replicate the actual town. 

It looks Europe indeed, though some materials, as you can see in my photos, look damaged. 

At the end of the day, I spotted this kiddo wearing his parent's camera. He looked like a real professional photographer, right?

It was only a day trip for us so we didn't really had the chance to check out all the fun. But if you want to see more and have some outdoor adventure, you can check out more information about Colmare Tropicale HERE. And let me know about your visit. 😉


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