Oct 13, 2016

Feeling high in Dubai: Burj Khalifa Experience

I'll never forget that day, March 17, I packed my bags and fly from Malaysia to India, then Dubai.

I was overly excited, happy but I also had this paranoia and fear when I thought of those stories about being held at the immigration, though I have the visa and all the valid documents that I needed. 

My flight took about 12 hours plus an 11-hour layover in Mumbai, India. I was too exhausted when I arrived in Dubai. Then, I met a lady from India who I had a small chat with while queuing for the immigration check. She was also a little worried but confident so I felt better. 

When it was my turn, the officer just asked my hotel address and after I answered, he stamped my passport in no time. It was shockingly smooth for me! I smirked a little and told myself...This is it!
The lady had to remove her contact lenses so I waited for her. She also had someone to pick her up, I didn't, so after we part ways, I hurried to the taxi stand. I looked for a pink taxi (with a lady driver) thinking I would feel safer with a woman driving me to the hotel. It was funny because the driver suddenly played music so loud I was already covering my ears. I thought she's mad at me or something but then after the song ended, she said sorry and explained that it was her favorite song. She also told me about her Filipina partner and their love story. I was feeling drowsy and sleepy so my head wasn't paying full attention to her stories.

At the hotel, the first thing I did after checking-in was of course... to sleep. First time I experienced jet lag with a time difference of 4 hours. Not so bad. I was just feeling tired, sleepy, constipated and hungry at the same time. 

After a few days of adjustment, I was able to meet some friends, Donna and Redgel. And the days after that was pure adventure!!!

I was able to go at Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world with over 828 meters and more than 160 stories! (kalurkey!)

I was impressed by how elevated and grand Burj Khalifa is, and how organized and neat this fastest-growing city in the world looks especially from the top. I thought the Petronas twin tower was amazing but then this. Though I guess anyone could easily get that same feeling I had. 

Have a glance in some of my photos to give you the idea of how it looks from the top.

Yes, I was able to get to Level 148! But you can also choose the 124-125th level (observation deck). It's cheaper than At the top sky. You can see their prices here:  https://tickets.atthetop.ae/atthetop/

After a few hours, I had a stroll around Dubai Mall where Burj Khalifa is. The access is just near the food court. If you get lost, you can just ask around. 

The mall was by default grand. You can see all those fancy stores and high-end brands. The interior was gorgeous. It has a big aquarium inside. I don't like animals in captivity but I kinda stared for some time at this one. I also felt at home since there's a huge population of kababayans (filipinos). They're everywhere I go. Restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacy, name it. And you can see how well most of them are at their job. Somehow, it's a nice feeling to be surrounded by fellow Filipinos in a distant foreign land. 

One thing I missed in Dubai was the fountain show also near Burj Khalifa. They said it was beautiful. Maybe I'll watch it next time I get a chance to visit.

I also tried skiing by the way, for the first time! I had no idea the shoes were so heavy I almost felt like a human penguin.  But it was fun! 

Other things I did were ice skating, desert safari adventure and Dubai Museum, Kyte beach in Jumeirah, Atlantis on the Palm, and Mall of Emirates

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