Oct 9, 2016

Is it good bye Malaysia soon?

It's almost 2 years now since I left my country to work here in Malaysia. Four more months to be exact before my contract ends. I feel like counting the days now actually. And to be honest, I'm a little confused. Is it good bye Malaysia for me soon? Or should I stay one more year... years maybe? 

I know it's too early to sum up my almost 2 year stay here, but looking back, I could say this country gave me a lot of opportunities and memories even I feel overwhelmed every time I remember them all. 

Colmare Tropicale| Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia
Last year, same month as today, I met a lot of awesome people who have become my friends. Some, very close friend. 

Also a year ago, my family visited me here. We went to some parts of Malaysia and Thailand to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Something new for us. But I tell you, it was pretty challenging!
We encountered difficulties along the road, ended up in a not so nice hotel, even ordering food was a struggle. It was exhausting for me (and my pocket). But, it all turned out good at the end of the trip. 

Another moment I can forever store in my head was when I travelled to Dubai. The farthest country I travelled so far. I stayed there for a week, climbed up the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa and went skiing and ice skating for the first time! I was extremely happy and still am every time I reminisce back to those days. I surely will remember it a lifetime. Oh and not to mention, my 11-hour layover in India! I'm still laughing at myself when I think of how I survived boredom while waiting inside Mumbai airport. 

I also went back to Thailand twice this year for some pursuit of happiness. <3 Bangkok and Pattaya.
I felt so close to home being in those two cities. 

Aside from numerous travels, I also met people in the same industry as I am. I joined a group of architects here in Malaysia. I connect with them once in a while when I have the energy to combat laziness. Haha! But seriously, plugging in to groups of people you connect with brings you closer to your dreams. Like for me, it gives me the feeling of being on track, and to be honest I don't feel that most of the time. You really need to work your ass off to feel like you are living not just surviving. Especially when you're working abroad, far from your family and comfort zone, you need to keep your sanity. You have to fight the devil in you who keeps sabotaging yourself. 

I went too far now. But to cap it off, I can say that it's been a great year for me. Writing it down makes me realized how I really feel, and actually feel good about it, instead of feeling sorry for myself for the the time wasted or the things I didn't accomplished. Soon, who knows, maybe I'm still here, maybe I'll be back in the Philippines, maybe I'm in the other side of the world. We will see. But one thing I know, either way, I'll make the most of the outcome and not forget to be grateful. :)

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