Mar 28, 2017

Norway is the happiest place on Earth!

It's still hard for me to believe I am actually writing this while sitting on this newly bought carpet in Oslo, Norway. I was only dreaming of it days ago and now it's finally happening! And what got me even more happy was that it was declared as the happiest place on earth according to BBC.

It's been 2 weeks now since I arrived here in Oslo, Norway. I still feel overwhelmed and excited that I got to see this place even for a short period of time. And even though I'm leaving in 4 days, I sure will bring all these beautiful and fresh memories I had on this trip.

Oslo is such a charming city. It's not big as the cities I lived in in Asia with bunch of skyscrapers here and there. It's a mixed of old and modern way of living. It's like living in the modern times while revisiting the old days from time to time. You could see buildings built in the medieval era while there are also plenty of modern architecture. It's also refreshing how nature is just around the corner. You can just open your window if you want fresh air. I wouldn't do that in Philippines unless I'm in the province.

Oslo Opera House 

Aker Selva

Locations (in random order):
Oslo Opera house, The Parliament, City Hall, Aker Brygge, Vigeland Park, National Theatre, Akershus fortress, The Royal Palace, Nobel Peace Center, Museum of Modern Art

PS. I'm not good at being a tourist, so please comment below if I missed some locations and if you have suggestions of places I could see before going home. 

Tusen takk! (Thank you very much!)

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