Apr 26, 2017

How to apply Schengen Visa at Danish Embassy in Malaysia

Are you planning to go to Europe? Here's a quick guide for you who are planning to apply for a Schengen Visa from Malaysia, with Norway, Sweden or Denmark as your main country of destination. 

First things first, set your mind straight and decide your travel dates. Then, book your appointment at Danish embassy in Kuala Lumpur. What I did was email them my preferred date and time. But before your appointment date, make sure to prepare all the requirements needed plus the extras, just in case they require you to.

Okay, now here's my list:
1. Passport 
2. Malaysian Residence Permit/Visa
3. 1 Photo (35x45mm size with clear background and must clearly show your facial features) 
5. Processing Fee: 275 Ringgit
6. Travel Insurance: This is pretty easy. You can do it online for just a couple of minutes. Mine is a Premium Smart Traveller which costs 105 Ringgit. 
7. Certificate of Employment stating your job, salary, your days of leave and when you'll be returning to work. You must hand in the original.
8. Statement of Account/ Bank Statement. This is to show that you have enough funds to cover your travels. 
9. Accommodation. You don't need to pay right away. Just book a hotel that has free cancellation and save a copy of your booking. I booked like 5 hotels for my whole trip via Booking.com
10. Itinerary. (Mine was not too detailed but I indicated Places to visit, for how long and means of transport.)
11. Flight booking. Reservation can be done by yourself or through a travel agency. If you want to book beforehand better choose Flexi so you can still reschedule if some unexpected things happen. A bit more expensive though. 

Also, I prepared the following supporting documents:

12. Latest 3 months salary slip 
13. Tax Statement from Hasil
14. Contract of lease. I handed it together with my COE. This is to prove that I will go back to Malaysia and not stay illegally in Europe.

I think that's all I handed over to them. Also, note that this is for Tourist Visa Application. For other types of visa, you can check it on their website

Oh and another thing, there's an interview on the same day you hand them your documents. Don't fret, it's all but a normal procedure. Just answer straight. No more, no less. 

Processing time takes 2 weeks. So, you can make yourself busy while waiting. 

Danish Embassy is located at Sunway Tower, 22nd Floor, 86 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur. 

If you have any add ons or questions, please comment below. I'll be happy to answer them.

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