Sep 28, 2017

What happened in Yogyakarta and why I want to go back

Before I totally immerse myself in learning Norwegian language course here in Oslo, I thought of sharing a backstory from what happened in my Indonesia trip and why I want to go back to Yogyakarta

It was out of boredom, frustration and monthly mood swing that I decided to finally see Indonesia. I never been there before and I would love to experience myself the good things people are sharing online. So with the help of friends, there I was. Staring at the sunrise at the Borobodur Temple, feeling amazed by the enormous details in Prambanan and braving the caves of Jomblang. 

Jomblang Cave's magnificent light 

Sep 26, 2017

Then and Now

A month ago I was in Malaysia, battling with the feeling of being exhausted, tired and self-defeated. Like a volunteered prisoner desiring to fly high and free herself from the invisible cell made by her own mind. A rat in a wheel running faster and faster but never going anywhere. Yes, a Filipino working abroad like myself can also feel that despite the fact that we seem happy on our Facebook photos, and that we're earning better than when we were in the Philippines.

Many OFWs are alone in their battles of loneliness. I had my same share of experiences and I hope to never feel it again. I remember telling myself not to expect anyone to save me, that I am my own heroine. I self talk a lot yes. 

Photo by Japhetonthego