Sep 28, 2017

What happened in Yogyakarta and why I want to go back

Before I totally immerse myself in learning Norwegian language course here in Oslo, I thought of sharing a backstory from what happened in my Indonesia trip and why I want to go back to Yogyakarta

It was out of boredom, frustration and monthly mood swing that I decided to finally see Indonesia. I never been there before and I would love to experience myself the good things people are sharing online. So with the help of friends, there I was. Staring at the sunrise at the Borobodur Temple, feeling amazed by the enormous details in Prambanan and braving the caves of Jomblang. 

Jomblang Cave's magnificent light 

Yogyakarta is a city on the island of Java in Indonesia. It is popular for its Borobudur temple, classical Javanese art and culture, puppetry, batik and such. But more than that, the city is also considered high rank when it comes to modernisation and urbanization in Indonesia. Perfect combo of nature, culture, arts and modernity! One reason I feel so at home in Yogyakarta.

Another reason is that people are just super nice! I have Indonesian friends I met in Malaysia who I feel more like sisters than just friends. A grabcar driver who let me ride for free because he doesn't have smaller bills for my change. One gave me snacks and offered to bring me to this nice restaurant with awesome view and less tourists (too bad she got sick). I guess Indonesians have this hospitality and charm quite similar to us Filipinos that would make you feel you wanna go back.

Okay, now let's go to my Itinerary in Yogyakarta.

Swear! It was very simple and relaxed. I did not really plan to squeeze in so much places since I only have 3 full days and it's pretty expensive to go on tour solo. Usually tour agencies prefer minimum of 2 persons.

Day 1- Afternoon chill and some walking tour

I stroll around Malioboro Street and check out some batik shops on a becak. 
Transportation is easy and cheap in Yogyakarta. They have grabcars, motor bikes and becak. Most of my stay I used grabcar since it's more convenient for me.

Day 2- Borobudur and Prambanan Temples

I woke up very early for this since it was a sunrise viewing. We arrived like past 4 in the morning. I tried to avoid crowd but its impossible. People everywhere. All on their cameras and mobile phones.  I tried to go where the east side was, sat there and waited for the sunrise. It was beautiful.

 Borobodur Temple

In the afternoon we headed to Prambanan. I suggest you see it on a sunset as it could get so hot in the afternoon.

And, don't forget to always have your Indonesian rupiah or US dollar. Like me, I forgot my rupiah in the hotel but lucky me, they accepted my malaysian ringgit.

Day 3- Jomblang Cave 

This is my favorite part.  I almost missed this tour as most tour agents, like I said, prefer minimum of 2 persons. Good thing, I found Yudi who organizes tours and told me he could bring me there on a motor bike. I agreed for a reasonable price. It was a 2 hour bumpy ride. Not really the best way to go there but it all went good and safe, though seriously, it makes my blood run cold. But don't you worry mama, I had a good massage after this tour. 😜

Day 4- Go back home to Malaysia

My flight was at 11 but I went to the airport so early to avoid the traffic jam. Funny thing was I arrived in just 30 minutes. Easy! So yes, it's better to book a hotel just near the airport like the Grand Aston Hotel. Good place, awesome staff!

So there you have it. Short and easy.

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