Oct 10, 2017

Exploring Norway: A challenging day hike to Mørkgonga and Gyrihaugen

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was up, the sky was clear. The temperature was cold and crisp, probably in between 7-14 degrees. 

I slipped into my hiking clothes topped with an off white sweater and a pretty thick coat I usually wear when going out in the cold. I wore my Northface hiking boots and checked if the sandwiches were in the bag. An hour later there I was, joining a group of expats in Norway, to my first Internations event: a challenging hike to Mørkgonga and Gyrihaugen, around 50km away from Oslo. 

They said it's a "norwegian thing" to go for hiking, mountain climbing and all those outdoor activities, you name it. I said, back home in the Philippines, a lot of people are in this kind of adventures too, myself included. I remember I was  only 8 years old when mom and her brother brought me and my siblings to the province to go camping. At a very young age, we knew how to survive in a forest I would say. So I felt, I was trained for this, I can manage. Later did I know, it was tougher to go hiking in countries with a challenging weather like Norway.