Nov 14, 2017

Experiencing first snowfall in Norway

Being born in a country with tropical climate, the idea of snow and winter wonder land is completely magical to me. It's like being in those countries experiencing snow is like being a royalty or those characters from Harry Potter or Narnia, you name it. Who never dreamed of that?

Back in my childhood days, I remember how my siblings and I dreamed of snow using soft ice we collected from the freezer. It was funny but I bet some of you did that too. Came to college days, I had another way of experiencing snow when my cousin and I visited a man made snow village in Manila Ocean Park. This village was just a small room with snow replicate inside and it was so cold we had to wear a jumpsuit provided by the staff before we entered. It wasn't really spacious so you don't get to fully enjoy the winter village. But that day to me, was already a memorable experience.

Fast forward to now that I am living in Norway, I was on my way to do some errands, a little moody because of migraine. I noticed it was raining. But it was more like soft white flakes, slowly melting on my skin. My mood suddenly turned 180 degrees. Finally, I'm experiencing my first ever snowfall!

On my way back home, I still couldn't take off that big colgate smile on my face. I felt like every drop of snow is tickling me. I saw kids playing outside, wrestling on the ground. Err. It's embarrassing but deep inside I want to join them and make a snow man. But reality is, I need to hurry back home. I was out for like more than an hour and honestly the cold bothered me. The temperature was below zero degrees. So, I quickly went inside and made myself a hot chocolate drink. 

It was a beautiful first snow fall and it brought a lot of memories back when I was just day dreaming of it.