Jul 9, 2018

Weekend hike to Kobberhaugen

I see the point why many Norwegians are crazy about their outdoors. Norway is a very very beautiful country, with stunning mountains, fjords, lakes, rivers, falls, name it. And all are accessible by their super convenient transport system. Even elders and kids are very active here, especially on summer. That is why it's really a shame not to go på tur (go on a trip) if you're living in Norway. So last weekend, my husband and I decided to go on another weekend hike, this time to Kobberhaugen.

Kobberhaugen is located in Oslo, about 1 hour away from the central. If you plan to commute like we did, you can take bus Bus 32 (from Dokkveien) to Røa Kirke, then Bus 41 to Sørkendalen skole. And from there, you can start the hike. The 5km hike is Easy level, which means kids can do it too.

In Norway I noticed that hiking is made easy for beginners. You don't need to worry of getting lost. There are blue marks on the trees, which serve as a guide. You just have to be keen-eyed as some are in a tough spot.

Mar 26, 2018

Perfect Sunday Stroll at Ekebergparken in Oslo

It's been a long and dragging winter now. Oh spring, where did you go?

That was my rhetoric for the past few days. I felt like it's never gonna get warm here in Oslo. Then came Sunday. The sun finally shown up! It was just lovely! And I know I can't just sit and let the day pass by without going for a walk. So my husband and I went to Ekebergparken, a park about 4km away from Oslo central. Accessible by tram, car or walk if you want to challenge yourself.

Ekebergparken offers a stunning overlooking view of the city, provocative art/sculpture and refreshing walk which are open to public. It's quite a long walk though, so I suggest you pack some snacks if you don't prefer to buy from the restaurants and coffee shop there.

What more can I add? Well, this park is really worth to visit if you're in Oslo. And if you're not convince yet, maybe my photos below can change your mind. 

ekebergparken in oslo

Feb 4, 2018

First Sledding Adventure at Korketrekkeren

My first sledding finally happened yesterday when my husband and I decided we're finally gonna do it after weeks of postponing. We're lucky it was a very fine sunny day. We arrived there at Korketrekkeren past 11 after having Svenska sempla and warm chocolate. 

Sledding can be anyone's sport. It is more of a common sense so I think anyone can do it. That's right, anyone. Even though you're from a country with no snow. If you know how to turn right, left and break, you'll be fine. And knowing those are pretty easy. Mind you even kids as young as 7 maybe even younger are already trying this. Yes kids here are already adventurous, which is a good thing because you will think... if kids can do it, why can't you?

Okay. Seriously, I'm not really aiming to be a pro here, so without any more fuss here's a video of my first ever sledding adventure. Hope you enjoy watching!

For sled, helmet and glasses, you can bring your own or rent at Frognerseteren. We rented ours for 175 kroner (all included). You can use it for the whole day, as many rounds as you can. The length of Frognerseteren is 2 km with elevation of 255 metres. So after the whole run, you can ride a train from Midtstuen back to Frognerseteren.   

Korketrekkeren is at Frognerseteren station, last station by T-bane, near the famous Holmenkollen. 

If you haven't tried sledding, give it a go! You would surely enjoy it as much as I did.