Dec 21, 2018


Yesterday, Christian, one of my classmates in the master program, told me he already received his grades for the semester. My instant reaction was to check my page. Unfortunately, mine wasn't there yet. After two minutes, I checked again. And again and again.

Okay yes, I got worried.

Well, I thought maybe something was wrong with my page.
Should I do something. Maybe send them email that I haven't received mine yet.
I asked another classmate, and he said he already got his, which made me worry even more.
I was trying to calm myself down. I can't be this worried over just grades. DUH.
But, well, I kind of am. I hate to admit it.
Am I the only one? I bet not.

On a brighter note, this scenario last night made me realised something about myself.
That I easily get bothered by small things lately, and the reason is because I think I have so much free time now that it's almost Christmas. It could also be because of the new environment here in Trondheim. The cold, the darkness, the quietness. But all these are just assumptions. And I just need to write them down as a release. Let it all out. Figure out later. Maybe at some point, I can find something that is better enough to calm the tiger in me. May it be a new hobby, passion, book, something productive, anything.

And to always remember to let things linger a bit longer. Now, I feel a bit better.

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