May 12, 2019

UPDATE: I made it to the USA!

I'm currently writing this in my room at a farm called Eden Hall, after finishing lengthy papers in 2 subjects; one that is in Norway and another here in Pittsburgh, USA! Well, bear with me as my mind is as dry as knekkebrød (norwegian crisp bread). But I decided to squeeze it some more by writing about what's happening in my life these days. Not that I'm a celebrity and millions of people would go crazy reading this, but it's more like my release (feelings and thoughts), in hope of finding some inspiration along the way.

So let's backtrack a little bit. Three weeks ago I was in Trondheim with my husband having some sushi. I got a text from SAS Airline that says my flight to Pittsburgh was cancelled. I admit I panicked, just because if I didn't make it to US before the first day of school, my visa would be cancelled. Diana, my classmate who's travelling to US with me, and I decided to go to Oslo and beg for another flights. We'd probably find some from the capital. So, after 8 hours bus ride, we arrived to Oslo. And fortunately, they rebooked us to the next morning flight and covering free hotel and meal.