About the Blog

Clumsy Clariss is a lifestyle blog turned into an Expat blog which talks mostly about Travel and Transition. 

Here you'll find tips, stories, adventures, food and dramas not only about me but the people I meet and those who inspire me, from when I was in the Philippines to when I moved to Malaysia and now that I am in Norway.

Now, let me introduce you myself

I was born and raised in Makati City, Philippines. Studied Architecture in Manila. Did my 2 year internship. Got my license in 2012. Then, I experienced what they called QLC-Quarter Life Crisis and well... found myself Yoloing! 

In 2015, I moved to Malaysia for work, travel and independence. 

In 2017, in pursuit of love I decided to move and live in Oslo, Norway, the land of the trolls and vikings, with my Swedish husband.

Life moves pretty fast isn't it?

Now it's 2018. Almost everything is new for me. 
Is it overwhelming? Hell yeah! but I say: No backing down! 

Fun facts about me

I once dreamt of being a mermaid, that dream actually happened! 
I finished a mile swim during an intense training under Philippine Coast Guard Special Operations Group and I am very proud of this! 
I studied Basic and Advance Make Up Course.
I did some some modelling and short films together with my two strong allies: the controversial and the famous, Japhetonthego and Martin aka "Beneboy". 
I'm a self proclaimed Jack of all trades. Some of my trades are singing, painting, swimming and learning a program. Now, I'm currently learning Digital Marketing and Photography. 
It's just I'm interested in many things. Including rapping to Eminem's. 
So far, I've been to MalaysiaSingapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hongkong, Macau, UAENorwaySweden, Denmark and ofcourse, Philippines. --> Click here for my Travels

What's next for me

Moving to Norway gave me a lot of challenges and opportunities. One of the opportunities I received just recently was being granted an admission to study masters in one of the prestigious universities here in Norway! It will be 2 years course and I'm really looking forward to learning, meeting new people and studying again (Oh yes!).

Bucket List

Get certified in scuba diving
Learn new language (on going with Norwegian)
Visit Africa and Antarctica
Create something remarkable
Write a book


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